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Hair transplantation is a form of medical art based on the experience and talent of the plastic surgeon. But unlike any other creator, hair transplantation is not an option to start from the beginning because the specialist plastic surgeon has only one chance to do the right thing. And, unfortunately, the hair transplant specialists are few, resulting in the many failed hair transplants that have turned and turn many years back in this field.


Our latest worldwide innovation is the most advanced painless injection system of local anesthesia U225 in hair transplantation as well as the use of younger local anesthetics that completely neutralize intraoperative and postoperative pain.

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Reshape the appearance of body parts through cosmetic surgery. Our surgeons are specialized in reconstructing face, neck, ears, nose, eyes, breasts. We can also guide you through some our patients’ photos and their life changing stories.

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  • An excellent job! It is of great importance for the patient to feel the result so intimate that he feels born as a hair transplant. Excellent team and collaboration! I would strongly recommend it.
    Κostas Syros
  • The result of my hair transplant was fantastic. My hair looks absolutely natural and no one has understood anything. Thank you for everything. You are the best!
    Fotis Canada
  • The result surpassed all my expectations. Still I can not believe how beautiful and natural my hair looks. I am lucky to be trusted. Thank you for everything. You are impeccable and unique in what you do.
    Dimitris Patras