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Dr. Christos Angelis

Medical Director / Consultant Anaesthetist

Dr Angelis MD, Consultant Anaesthetist is a member of The Royal College of Anaesthetists and fully accredited by The General Medical Council.

Dr. Marilena Nikolaidou

Clinical & Managing Director / Aesthetic Doctor, Consultant Dermatopathologist

Dr. Marilena Nikolaidou is a Medical Doctor, registered with the General Medical Council, Royal College of Pathology and ISA. She has more than 15 years’ experience in the medical field and extensive training in advanced aesthetic treatments. She has a Bachelors degree in Neoplastic diseases and is completing a Masters degree in Aesthetic Medicine. Her training and experience in Dermatopathology gives her the required knowledge and skills to recognize skin diseases, perform accurate skin consultation and provide aesthetic medical procedures with safety and excellence.

Dr. Pantelis Valvis

Hair Transplant Specialist / Consultant Plastic Surgeon

Dr Pantelis Valvis is a qualified Plastic Surgeon , who has been involved with Hair Transplantation since 1995. He is the Director of the Hair Transplantation Clinic of Metropolitan Hospital in Athens, Founding Member of the HHTB (Hellenic Hair Transplant Board), Member of ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery). He has performed thousands of hair transplant procedures. He knows all the new techniques applied worldwide and he is able to correct failed hair transplant. He proposes solutions that meet personal needs, with what is most modern and effective in hair transplantation and cosmetic plastic surgery. He collaborates internationally with the San Donato clinic in Milan, and St. James Hospital in Malta. He is well-known for its absolutely natural results in hair transplantation.

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